Medical Beauty Center

MBC has a team of highly renowned specialists, headed by Dr. Marija Balkovic, M.D. in the field of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

They have extensive experience and impressive results not only in Serbia but in the world.  They are here with only one goal in mind: to offer you the best possible service!

News From Clinic

Gostovanje dr Marije Balković na TV Pink


U jutarnjem programu TV Pink-a, dr Balković daje odgovore i objašnjenja na najčešće postavljana pitanja vezana za transplantaciju kose. 


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An Institution you can trust

MBC Clinic is a participant in the project: " Development and promotion of health tourism in Serbia", run by Serbian Ministry of Health. 


Dr Marija Balković the co-author of prof.dr Nikolaj Serdev book "Body Contouring and Sculpting"

Body Contouring and Sculpting

The growing public interest to improve and correct appearance had led to speedy progress and development of new surgical techniques and methods in aesthetic and plastic surgery.

Dr Marija Balković was a guest surgeon at Hud Har Clinic in Copenhagen

Dr Marija Balković was a guest surgeon at Hud Har Clinic in Copenhagen.

ISHRS 25th World Congress, Prague

 25th Silver jubilee world congress opened in Prague. 

MBC has received a certificate for outstanding business results and rated with the highest grade A.

Specialized clinic for plastic and reconstructive surgery MBC, and the first specialized clinic for hair transplant in Serbia.

ONLINE Consultation

Schedule a free consultation with our expert staff. Call the telephone number: 069 5550259 or fill out the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.

POSTAVITE PITANJE dr.spec Mariji Balković

Clients about us

Dear Dr. Marija,
You explained to me that I am not the best candidate for hair transplant because my donor region doesn’t have enough capacity for best result, I am still glad that I convinced you to do the hair transplant. My hair is not very thick even now but there is a huge difference in my appearance for the better.
Thank you.


I can’t never thank you and your team enough. After the results of the second intervention, I started to live again. My problem was specific, but you did everything you could to help me.
Once more, infinite thanks!

Best regard to all, Kosta B.

Grazie alla dott.ssa Maria ed il suo tim! Sono rimasto molto soddisfatto della professionalità e della serietà e soprattutto dei risultati dopo il  trattamento eseguito con tanta cura. Da sottolineare particolarmente il " follow-up" che rispecchia il rispetto per il paziente. Tornerei volentieri alla bellissima città di Belgrado dove mi hanno fatto sentire a casa. Grazie MBC!


My thanks to Dr. Marija and her team. I am very pleased with high professional standard and serious approach and especially with results after the treatment that was done with so much attention. I would like to especially emphasise my follow up appointment that truly shows how much they are devoted and respect their patients. I would enjoy another visit to Belgrade where you did everything to make me feel at home. Thanks MBC!


Thank you so much for everything! I am so happy and can’t believe that I postponed the procedure for so long because I thought it would hurt! It didn’t hurt at all, and it looks perfect even though it is only five days since the intervention. You can barely notice that any work was done in the donor region.

Best regards from Subotica, Yours M.P.

I came to you because of a referral.... professional, responsible, full of understanding. And I can’t even say how happy I am with my new hair and looks! Call me if you are travelling to Prague.

Best, Milan

MBC - MEDICAL BEAUTY CENTER je specijalistička ordinacija za plastičnu i rekostruktivnu hirurgiju i prva klinika na ovim prostorima specijalizovana za transplantaciju kose, registrovana od 30. marta 2008 godine.


MBC od 2017 godine poseduje i Sertifikat Ministarstva zdravlja Republike Srbije, kao potvrdu ispunjenja najviših standarda u svojoj praksi i postigunutih zavidnih rezultata u regionu.

Sertifikati su podeljeni u okviru Projekta razvoja i promocije zdravstvenog turizma u Srbiji i trebaju da posluže kao preporuka pacijentima - zdravstvenim turistima, da će dobiti kvalitetnu, efikasnu uslugu na svetskom nivou u sertifikovanim praksama.

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