Body Mesotherapy

Body Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy consists of injecting “cocktails” of certain active substances directly into the middle skin layer.  This allows for natural restoration and rehydration of the skin structure, and with it skin’s rejuvenation.  We can also diminish and remove cellulite and fat tissue with this method.

Different cocktails target different areas:

  • Reduction in localized fat tissue
  • Reduction of different degrees of cellulite
  • Disappearance of stretch lines
  • Improvement in skin tone quality
  • Improvement of microcirculation and oxygen flow to the tissue

Lypolytic injections directly into the fat tissue allow the process of lypolysis.  This method targets localized fat tissue on the stomach, hips, above the knees and under the chin. Several treatments are necessary to achieve desired results.

Mild redness and small bruising might occur after the procedure and will disappear within a week.  Exposure to heat, sauna and tanning salons is not recommended for one day after the procedure.

Most frequently used substances:

  • Soya Lecithin, effectively breaks down fat content of adiposities, and has excellent lypolytic effect.
  • Vitamins, amino-acids, anti oxidants.
  • Nicotinamide (Vitamin PP) vasodilator, increases microcirculation.

Different regions of the body can be treated with this procedure: Stomach, thighs, upper arms etc.  Number and type of treatments is determined by a physician, based on severity of the problem and on desired results.  Procedure is done once per week during the time period of treatment.


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