Excessive Sweating - Hyperhidrosis

Excessive Sweating - Hyperhidrosis

A Botox treatment for prevention of excessive sweating is a procedure that literary changes lives of all of our patients!  It is most effective and absolutely safe therapy for treating excessive sweating of the under arm, palms and soles.
Majority of our patients admit that excessive sweating is a huge issue for them, restricting social interaction and putting them in extremely uncomfortable situations!  They are forced to dress in layers and wear dark colours even in the summer months to hide visible traces of sweating.

Sweating is a natural process used by our body for thermoregulation. Only 2% of heat is excreted through  the under arm region, so there is no fear that prevention of sweating in this region will results in excessive sweating somewhere else on our body.

During summer months, physical excesses, stress, or after eating spicy food increased sweating is a normal occurrence. If it becomes everyday problem, you should contact a physician.

Even if you are not prone to excessive sweating but wish to enjoy dry and odour free body during summer months, without fear of deodorant and antiperspirant spots on your clothes, you can seek this simple and effective treatment.
It is a very simple treatment, lasting about thirty minutes and done by simple injection procedure.  Significant improvement is seen in as little as a couple of days!  On the day of the procedure it is recommended that you avoid hot beverages, physical activity and sauna.

All of our patients are astonished with the success of this treatment! Sweating is reduced by 80-100%, and results last six to twelve months.


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