Body Hair Transplantation

In cases where patients don’t have enough hair on their heads in the main donor regions to achieve desired results, it is possible to transplant body hair, especially from the areas where body hair greatly resembles head hair in structure and quality.  Hair follicles may be taken from the legs, the arms, the stomach, the chest or even the face.

Such treatment is indicated when donor region is depleted, usually in cases of several prior “strip” procedures and we need extra follicles to correct unnatural hair appearance which is a results of earlier, less sophisticated hair transplant techniques.

This procedure is done using FUE technique, leaving no linear scars.  The actual extraction technique is very specific and demands more time and skill compared to hair extractions from the scalp.  Not all clients are suitable candidates for BHT procedure.  The best donor area in BHT cases is from the torso but only if chest hairs are of high density, similar in colour and diameter with head hair and when the area of the body donor region is adequately large to harvest sufficient number of follicles.

Survival rate of these follicles is around 70%, which is significantly less than the survival rate from primary donor sites on the scalp, but it is certainly beneficial to have the option, if needed, to harvest body follicles.

Body hair, in many cases, changes its structure after a certain period of time after the hair transplant.  It starts to grow longer and straighter, adapting to the surrounding hair in the placement region.

Decision to go ahead with BHT procedure is made after detailed and thorough exam and extensive consultation with the operating surgeon.  This procedure is performed only by the most experienced and skilled surgeon such as our own Dr. Marija Balkovic!


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