Scars Restoration

Scars restoration

FUE PRECISE hair transplant method can be used to cover scars in areas of high hair density on the head, eye brows, chin and beard area and torso scars in men.  We can use it in combination with other healing procedures.  As this method does not create new scars it is the best option in many cases for covering scar tissue.

FUE PRECISE method allows us to choose adequate follicles from the donor region on the head, beard or torso similar in diameter, colour, and direction of growth with the region that we are reconstructing.  They are taken individually, with attention to selection, to preserve the donor site.

After making necessary placement sites, hair follicles are implanted following the angle and direction of the existing hair, using special fine implanters and placing donor follicles in the best possible spot.

This procedure is primarily used to cover scars on the head following head trauma, to improve appearance of previous invasive skin transplant grafts, or scars left by using strip hair transplant technique.  Actual scar tissue has low blood flow, and patients can due to lack of blood flow in the region feel minimal discomfort as tissue elasticity is also reduced in scarred tissue.  Occasionally to achieve the best result follow up procedure might be recommended.

This method is minimally invasive, and as we are able to choose the best possible follicles for transplant it is extremely successful.  Results are completely natural appearance, and in cases of scalp scar tissue caused by graft transplants it achieves coverage that until now wasn’t possible with any other method!


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