PRP Face Treatment

PRP face treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma is a method used more and more in the world and in our country to revitalize and rejuvenate physical appearance.

It is important not to put PRP in the same category as surgical interventions, as it is minimally invasive procedure targeting at revitalizing the skin.  Results are achieved simply, with long lasting effects and radiant and rejuvenated looking skin.


It is excellent choice of therapy for reducing crow’s feet, laugh lines, neck, hands, cheeks, acne scars etc.  It is most used in the areas around the eyes and mouth.


It is important to first determine skin condition of each patient, in order to achieve the right therapy for each person and have best results.

Preparation consists of thorough skin cleaning and local anaesthesia in region that will be treated.  A patient’s blood is then placed in a centrifuge and spun in order to separate the blood from the growth factors, platelets and stem cells.  We micro- inject this rejuvenating mixture in the areas where signs of ageing have appeared.

The whole procedure lasts about an hour, depending on the regions we are treating. Number of treatments depends on the skin condition of each patient.   Several procedures may be recommended, usually three, four to six weeks apart, and achieved results are maintained every six to twelve months.

Side Effects

Side effects are rare.  Redness, minimal swelling or bruising can occur but will recede in a very short time period.


Cases in which PRP is not recommended are very rare:  blood clotting issues, anticoagulant therapy, in patients with skin infection, difficult metabolic conditions etc.


Results are seen immediately, and maximal improvement is seen in eight weeks with increased improvement in appearance during the following six months. Skin is visibly younger looking and radiant.

Results are long lasting, often around eighteen months, with recommended maintenance to retain youthful looking skin.


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