Fue Precise

FUE PRECISE metod of hair tranplatation

FUE PRECISE PROCEDURE is performed under local anaesthesia. It is minimally invasive, without use of scalpel, and without any scars or incisions.


Hair, or to be precise follicle of the hair is taken just like it naturally grows, directly from the donor site.   Individual extraction using microsurgical instruments is of essential importance for the procedure.  Extreme skill is needed to prevent even the smallest damage to each individual follicle root, which will then become essential for the success of the procedure.

Diameters of instruments are extremely small, ranging from 0.6 to 1mm, allowing that even extraction of larger number of hair follicles will leave no traces that the procedure was done.

Donor follicles are carefully selected so they are most suitable for hair restoration in the thinning or complete hair loss region.  We always pay greatest attention that the donor site is sufficiently large.

All of the above techniques mentioned allow us to extract desired number of hair follicles while maximally preserving donor site.

Every single transplant follicle is examined under the microscope, numbered, and sorted according to type and thickness and prepared for implantation.

This procedure demands that all operating and assisting personnel is highly skilled in order to accomplish best results.


Hair follicles are implanted in the desired region using specially designed IMPLANTERS.

Several aspects must be reviewed to understand this process.  Micro punctures are necessary for placing the transplant follicle and it is of extreme importance that the depth of the implantation is done in the exact skin layer required in order to preserve sub dermal plexus and blood flow to the tissue, allowing for even higher density of follicle placement.

To create these implant spots we use micro needles, never a scalpel, as scalpel can later cause “orange hair” look and even cuts on the scalp skin.  Use of micro needles won’t leave any traces of the procedure on the skin and it will allow for normal hair growth.


Achieving natural transplant results is achieved only when the operating surgeon has highest feel and understanding of aesthetics and natural results.

Angle, direction and orientation during implanting process must be extremely precise.  Every region of the head has its own unique traits. Distribution and placement of follicles must follow natural variations in density on different parts of the head. Special care is given to placement of follicles according to shape and thickness.
During the restoration of the front hair line it is essential that the future hair line looks completely natural and to ensure placement of thinner follicles and never in a straight line.  We also shape hair line according to face type and shape of the head.

Volume and diameter of the procedure

These factors are depending on the area of the scalp that needs to be addressed during the procedure, i.e. recipient area and of the donor site.  It will depend of the natural hair density, colour, share, quality of the hair etc.

Occasionally more than one procedure is recommended to achieve desired results.

At this moment we are proud to offer transplanting even up to 5000 follicles in just one day!

In most individuals donor area is limited, it is important that patient have realistic expectation when it comes to desired results and density.

FUE PRECISE procedure is performed under 2.5 to 7 times magnification and it is of essence that it is performed by experienced and exceptional surgeon.


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