Eye Brow Hair Reconstruction

Eye Brow Hair Reconstruction using FUE Precise Method

Eye brow loss, unlike head hair loss, in not a common occurrence, hence it is not aesthetically acceptable.

Having the right kind of hair follicles on the eye brows is of extreme importance, as only the right follicle will results in completely natural appearance.  With our minimally invasive surgical procedure you can achieve permanent results of partial or complete eye brow loss.

Eye brows are the frames for our eyes and greatly affect our facial and emotional expression.

Eye brow hair loss is often the results of fashionable over-plucking, genetics and ageing.  Occasionally there is a condition in which newborns have no eye brows. The 90s trend of thin eye brows resulted in over-plucking that, in many cases, led to permanently damaged hair follicles and no hair growth.  Others face hereditary hairs loss and wish to restore eyebrow hair.  Other causes of eye brow loss might be scarring, burns, tattoos, infection etc.

Eye brow restoration is quite specific when compared to regular hair reconstruction procedure.  Eye brows grow parallel to the skin area. Direction of growth changes depending on the region, for example the area closest to nose ridge has vertically growing hair, while hair follicles at the middle of the eye brow resemble fish bone direction.  They always grow independently and not in groups like head hair adding to the challenge. Growth cycle of eye brow follicles is very short, around four months, while head hair cycle is three to five years long.

Eye brow reconstruction technique demands maximum precision and detailed planning.  We choose only the follicles that are almost identical in shape, diameter, direction of growth and colour with existing eye brow follicles.  The donor follicles are not shortened to 2mm but left longer to allow them to follow the direction of growth and to achieve better assimilation.  Hair follicles are places parallel to the  skin.  During placement highest attention is given to direction and design according to the eye brow shape and area.

After Care

Some trimming is necessary as transplanted hair will grow faster and longer, but with time additional care is minimized as the new hair follicles growth will slow down and adapt to new growth pattern.


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