Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation

Hair transplant or restoration is a surgical method that allows transfer of hair follicles from the donor site to the site without hair or with thinning hair areas, also called recipients sites.

This is a preferred treatment for various degrees of hair loss, from some thinning of follicles to severe pattern baldness in both genders. It is most indicated for treatment of Andorgenetic Alopecia(AGA) commonly known as male pattern baldness, but it is often used to treat hair loss in women. It is used to restore loss of eye brows and eye lashes, beard follicles and to cover up scar tissue as well.

Where the hair for transplant comes from?

Donor site

Dr.Walter Under determined after extensive research the zone on the scalp that over 80% of men and women over eighty years of age still have healthy hair.  During hair transplant procedure only this certain donor sites should be used to harvest hair follicles.  This zone is found on the back of the scalp and on the sides.  Resistance of these areas to hormonal changes is the main cause that allows successful hair transplant procedure.
Surgical restoration of hair has come a long way since its first development.  Gone are painful, invasive surgeries that left huge scars and resulted in unnatural appearance, and today we have painless procedures and immeasurably better results.  Last decade made the biggest progress yet with the most advanced Follicular Unit Extraction-FUE procedure which in hands of experienced surgeon leaves no visible traces of the procedure.


After more than 2000 satisfied patients and 10+ years of experience, Dr. Balković has perfected the FUE method into an FUE PRECISE procedure that achieves top results to the satisfaction of many clients.

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