PQ-Age Piling

PQ-Age Piling

Innovative peeling, applied as a gel, is a new and improved concept of skin peeling.  It is also known as King’s peeling.  It allows deep stimulation of dermis, without damaging skin’s surface.
Smoother and tighter skin is visible immediately!

New peeling formula for: Bio revitalizing of damaged tissue, non aggressive regeneration of tissue, correction of skin abnormalities and rejuvenation of skin witExcessive Sweating - Hyperhidrosishout aggressive action.

Innovative, safe and simple method for application, it stimulates and regenerates intensely deepest layers of skin, in a very gentle and comfortable way.

It can be used any time of the year. Combination of acids, urea, peroxide, co enzyme Q10 is a very effective formula with a strong revitalizing effect, yet with none or minimal side effects (mild redness may occur but rarely).

Rejuvenated skin and better skin tone is visible right away.


Rejuvenation of face, neck, neck line, chest area, treatment of stretch marks and acne prone skin, fresh scars and changes in skin pigment.

Gentle massage is used for application; treatments are spaced week to ten days apart, with the ideal number of applications being three to five.  The process is short and extremely efficient!


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