Benefits of Fue Precise Method

FUE Precise

FUE PRECISE method merges detailed analysis, planning and completely individual approach during the procedure.

Excellent grafting score
Decades of experience that Dr. Marija Balkovic has and PRECISE technique allow for preservation of the donor area even with maximum follicle donation.  Experience and technique are extremely important in choosing donor follicles with strongest potential for restoring the hair in the transplant area.

No scars or wounds

This is the most delicate procedure that uses microsurgical instruments and allows for optimal result without scaring, wounds or any visible traces of the intervention.

Individual Approach

Just as there are no two exact same fingerprints, there are never two exactly same scalps.  Patterns of hair loss are very varied from person to person, depending on the hair colour, thickness and density, different hair quality elasticity and skin colour. Different requests, different head shape, and multiple personals desires for how to best emphasize eyes and personality of each patient are taken into great consideration at MBC! Our approach is completely catered for each individual and his/hers desires as any other approach is simply not possible.

Natural Look

With FUE PRECISE method we follow the line of hair growth and implant each follicle with the highest aesthetic standards.  This is how we achieve completely natural appearance of the implanted hair, the exact same appearance that existed before hair loss.

Normal Hair Growth

Extremely precise hair follicle implanting in the most receptive region of skin ensures maximal acceptance of grafts and accomplishes desired density in the reception area.  There is no nerve of vascular damage of skin, allowing blood flow necessary for successful procedure.  Healthy blood flow supply is of utmost importance for normal hair growth after the procedure as well.

Painless procedure

The efficacy and speed of this intervention combines with local anaesthesia allows us to complete the process in one day with absolutely no pain.  During the implanting process, patients can watch a movie, and it is not uncommon to even fall asleep for the rest of the procedure.  Once awake they see the results they always hoped for.

Efficacy and Permanent Results

FUE PRECISE appears at first sight very simple method, it is in fact a results of decade long practice and modernization.  To determine the best donor site and to ensure perfect grafting results extreme skills and knowledge is needed.  This is why Dr. Marija Balkovic, who perfected the unique FUE PRECISE method, is the most accomplished and respected surgeon in this field, not only in Serbia but in the region.  Modern method, with individual approach to each patient and perfect results without any compromises, are the reason Dr. Balkovic is most in demand expert for hair transplant in Serbia and abroad.


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