MBC ordiancija implementirala standard ISO 9001:2015

From the very beginning of the MBC clinic in 2008, Dr Marija Balković, as founder and facilitator, together with the entire MBC team, continuously works on further professional development,


but also on the improvement of the work process and the quality of the services provided.




Fulfilled most rigorous ISO standards, their implementation and finally - ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate of Quality Management Systems Quality - is only one of the certification of commitment


 and work on further improvement of services, fulfillment of requirements and expectations of patients, as well as improvement of the business system.




The policy of the quality management system MEDICAL BEAUTY CENTER is based on the establishment and maintenance of a market-oriented business system,


with continuous improvement of the quality management system, as well as increasing the efficiency and efficiency of the entire business.




As before, MBC continues to work on further improvement and improvement of the quality of services and achievement of the following goals:


Fulfilling all requirements and expectations of patients and relevant stakeholders

Constant analysis of the business environment and perceiving the risks and opportunities for business arising from the environment

Commitment to the highest management: the application of leadership skills, commitment and active participation in all processes of the quality management system

It includes commitment to meeting the applicable requirements for compliance with the laws, regulations and other requirements of all stakeholders

It involves commitment to continuous improvement of the quality system and the application of preventive measures for the continuous improvement of the management system

Establishing and continuously improving the quality management system, identifying the risks and opportunities that may have an impact on service compliance and the ability to improve patient satisfaction

Provision of professional, quality and creative personnel both from the domain of business activities, and the inclusion of all employees in the establishment, maintenance and improvement of the quality management system

Maintaining and continuously improving the knowledge, competence and awareness of employees on business activities;  Implementation of process approach and thinking based on risk assessment and mitigation

Continuous identification and assessment of all potential risks and the application of preventive measures related to business activities, in order to eliminate or minimize them

Making decisions based on facts

Establish and manage mutually beneficial relationships with all stakeholders

Providing resources for the establishment, application, maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality management system

Expanding existing capacity and range of organization services

Introduction of new services, methods and techniques of work and processes

Reduction of costs

Ensuring image recognition on the market

Constant development of the organization's resources, both human and material

The quality management system is monitored, measured, reviewed and continuously improved with regular reporting and communication of status and efficiency at all levels of the MEDICAL BEAUTY CENTER.




The achievement of the goals defined in this Policy is a permanent task for all employees of the MBC Clinic.