Questions and Answers

When is the ideal time during the year for hair transplant? Can you do it during summer?

The procedure can be done any time of the year. However, it is not recommended exposing head to strong sun for at least a month after the transplant surgery.  You should plan accordingly, if you choose to proceed with the transplant during the summer, do not expose the region to the sun, rather wear a hat or use a sun umbrella.

Do I have to get a haircut because of the procedure?

Decision to get a haircut or not depends on the number of hair follicles extracted from the donor region, their placement and your hair style. In case where patient is looking to transplant a larger number of hair follicles, hair cut is necessary.

What is the largest number of hair that can be transplanted during one intervention?

In cases of average donor region, we are usually able to harvest around 3.000 hair follicles. But, if necessary, we can extract as much as 4-5.000 follicles in the course of one day.  This is largely dependant on the skill of the surgeon, as well as on density and quality of the donor site.  Other issues might need to be taken into consideration, such as bleeding, hair quality, number of previous procedures, etc.  For comfort of the patient we can schedule the procedure over a two day period.  Number of hair follicles used for transplant is agreed upon after thorough examination and consultation with operating surgeon.

You operated on my friend and took hair from his chin to “make” him eyebrows and it looks great! My girlfriend is always complaining that she plucked her eyebrows too much, they are too thin now. Would you recommend this procedure for her and where would you get the hair for her eyebrows? Many thanks.

I am glad to hear your friend is happy with his new eyebrows!  As for your girlfriend, first we have to see her and determine quality of hair follicles based on density and thickness.  After the examination, hair follicles for transplant are chosen, most often from the back on the head area as it is very similar in looks to eyebrows. Hope this helps!